Our Mission

InnovativeTech committed to bring latest technology to serve Thai ways of living to advance social innovation and raise the quality of our customers. We are a team of creative, hardworking and experienced professionals sharing the same goal to bring quality products, giving reliable service and create the best innovative experience to consumers.

Innovate Further. Together.


Launched in 2014, LinearFlux is a San Francisco based tech company, devoted to producing innovative mobile gadgets. The co-founders, Einstein and David, were the Engineers behind the success of Beats By Dr. Dre and Monster Products. Never satisfied with the sound quality and cost of wireless audio today, the dynamic duo revisited their audio roots. Motivated to create their own, they developed a headphone that is truly the Best Bang for your Boom!

With their expertise in detailed acoustics, precision nano-speaker development, and ergonomic design now re-envision what it means to have a true wireless, hyper-definition, audio experience. 

Their first product, LithiumCard, set the industry benchmark for ultra-fast charging with their HyperCharging technology. HyperCharging outperforms the industry standard for charging, resulting in more power delivered to your smartphone or tablet. Their products are optimized for performance which drastically cut down on the waiting time for charging your device to full capacity, quickly and safely. With back to back, CES Innovation Award Wins, 2018-2019 and a team that consists of over 30 years experience in the consumer electronics industry.

LinearFlux is focused on pioneering products that outperform the everyday needs of their customers.