Here you can find the most Frequently Asked Questions that will help you with most queries. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

Lite has no case wireless charging
Lite has no sport hooks
Playtime: 20+hrs vs 18+hrs (Lite)
Waterproof rated: IPX7 vs IPX6 (Lite)
Sound driver: DL01 vs DL02 (Lite)

The earbud light will remain solid when taken out and back into the case

Yes, you can if your laptop has bluetooth audio steaming capabilities.

They have different set of speaker driver properties.

Unfortunately, you can not add sport hooks to the HyperSonic LITE as it’s a different slimmer, feather-weight, design.

Button controls. You cannot control volume. You can skip a track, play/pause, prompt google/siri, answer/end calls with the button on each ear bud.

Yes you may be able to enable Siri, Google Now, and etc depending on your phone’s compatibility.

HyperSonic features passive noise isolation. No active pass through is currently available with this version.

Yes, you can use either but we recommend using the left earbud for full functionality.