HyperCharger X – Wireless Charging Pad & Power Bank


Features / Accessories

  • Capacity: 6,000 mAh
  • Wireless Output: 7.5 Watt
  • Qi-Compatible HyperCharging Wireless Technology
  • Super Soft-Touch Ultra-Black finish
  • 3 in 1 Charging Cable (Apple Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB)
  • 15 Watt/3.0 Amp USB HyperCharging Port
  • Micro USB Recharging Port
  • Power-ON button
  • 4 color LED Battery Capacity Meter
  • Hardware and Firmware Protection Circuitry 
  • NanoStik PRO reusable sticky pad
  • Instruction manual

1,299.- THB 999.-

Ultra-Thin Wireless Charging Pad

No need to buy a separate wireless charging pad. The HyperCharger X doubles as a 7.5 Watt, High Power, Qi Compatible Wireless Charging Pad. When internal battery is drained you can simultaneously charge the HyperCharger X and wirelessly charge your phone ALL at the same time! We recommend using a 2.4 Amp or 12 Watt USB wall charger to obtain optimal charging results. 

Ultra-Thin Wireless Powerbank

The most powerful wireless charging powerbank for its class. 7.5 Watts of Qi-Compatible wireless charging power and 6,000mAh of capacity. It’s about the same size as a iPhone X so it’s ultra-thin as well as being lightweight! It is the best wireless HyperCharger in it’s class.

Traditional HyperCharger Powerbank

As more smartphones are enabled with wireless charging capabilities, many of our devices still use prevailing connector standards. The HyperCharger X includes a 15 Watt universal USB charging port enabled with HyperCharging technology for both Android, Apple, and other USB devices.


Connector type. Battery capacity. Multi-Function. Compatability. Ultra-thin form factor. The NEW Graphene Series 3-in-1 ticks all the boxes that everyone WANTS.

CES 2018 Innovation Winner

Both the HyperCharger X and HyperCharger PRO are built-in upon exclusive LinearFlux HyperCharging Technology which earned them the Best of Innovation Awards at The Consumer Electronics Show.